Barbie has always played a role here at Nicole Miller. Back in 1994, Nicole designed Barbie her “Savvy Shopper” look for Bloomingdale’s. Her coat has the classic Barbie print and underneath she is wearing a black velvet dress. Barbie then, in 1996, got another Nicole Miller makeover…literally. Aside from actually looking like Nicole herself, Barbie had a coat lined with the classic white Barbie print and was named the “City Shopper” for Macy’s.

“Growing up, I never had a Barbie since my mother, being French, only bought me dolls from France, despite my begging for a Barbie,” said Nicole Miller. “Years later, I was given the opportunity to design two Barbies which mean a lot to me since I had never gotten to own one as a child. To me, Barbie is a true American icon.”

- Nicole Miller

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