A foodie kind of weekend

It’s that time of year again! Every season, right before showtime, we have a tradition at the office and I take my design team to dinner to celebrate all the hard work they’ve been doing in preparation for the show. So on Friday, we went to Saxon & Parole http://saxonandparole.com/ (they specialize in some serious aged meats.)

One of my girls Janey indulged in one of their specialties, bone marrow. While she sunk her teeth into the large bone, the rest of the girls weren’t sure if they wanted to bark or stick the bone in their hair like Bam Bam, (direct quote from Steph, one of my designers.) All kidding aside, it’s really delicious, especially when you spread it on bread. So if you’re looking for a spot in the city to get some great appetizers, this place seriously rules. By far our favorite appetizers were the Foie gras, the Brussels sprout salad, and of course, the bone marrow.

Janey and her bone marrow.

Ready to dig in!

And the amazing meals continued throughout the weekend. On Saturday, I indulged in an amazing steak at Porter House, www.porterhousenewyork.com , and to top off the weekend, on Sunday I went to a tasting at the new Alison Eighteen, opened by my friend Alison Becker of Alison on Dominick with Chef Robert Gurvich, who have cooked many dinners at my house!

I had the braised veal shank, and the oyster stew, which were both so delicious. On that note…have you made reservations for Valentine’s Day yet?


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